Ethics Checklist

This Checklist is like a game of "20 questions"; it will help you to assess whether a proposed course of action meets a basic standard of ethics.

Screening your actions against ethical rules is not sufficient by itself for you to have joy in your life, but it does tend to be a pre-requisite. It is part of a strategy for a happy life.

Therefore, feel free to try it out! In the box below please type a brief description of some action that you are considering.

Press Enter when you are ready to begin. You will be asked a series of questions one at a time, each with a pick-list of choices. If you change your mind after answering a question, press "Back" on your browser to go back to the previous question.

Topical Checklists

Do you want a quicker path, with fewer questions? Try it this way... Fill in the proposed action in the box above, then pick a topic from the list below that is relevant to it, and press Enter below.

The Topical Checklist is also a quick way to reach helpful information and links about the topic. After choosing the topic and clicking Enter, there will be a hyperlink presented above the first question. If you prefer to read about the topic rather than answering the question, just click the hyperlink.

The checklist is a bit of a work in progress. Which are the best questions to ask in order to screen a proposed action within 20 questions? If you have an improvement to recommend, click the saw at left.

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