Ethics web sites

Here are some links to independant web sites about ethics:

Videos short videos about moral behavior.

Teaching Ethics inspiring stories about children. free character education materials for teachers. information and resources for teachers. character education and parenting resources.

General Ethics Universal morality - the need for universal standards of behavior. deciding to be better - basic principles and rules of ethics, based on treating other people how you wish to be treated. surveys, research, and information to promote ethics in business and government organizations. Canadian Ethics Centre - Information for businesses to promote corporate ethics. directory of Ethics resources basic principles that underly various morality practices found across the world.

Happiness Greater Good: The science of a meaningful life. positive psychology.

Human Rights United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed by the U.N. General Assembly in 1948.

Consulting and Training for organizations non-profit organization offering training and consulting.

The above sites have no affiliation with Universal Ethics. Sites are listed that contain useful content that appeared to be consistent with well established principles of good ethics at the time the link was posted.

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