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Here are some inspirational thoughts or advice collected over time. Originally they were distributed to a mailing list as a "thought of the month," but now they are presented as fortune cookies. Here a list, with the most recent additions first:

Topic (text)
Being Special
The shortest answer to "Why?"
Social Evolution: The next level of evolution...
Democracy is not just voting
Handling Disappointment
Live Every Minute
Heaven on Earth
Fact Check: If you really want to know...
Easy to give, but difficult to obtain
Differentiating good and evil
If robots became intelligent...
The Advantages of Now
Imperfection is OK...
All for One...
Judging the Motives of Others
Not the best? Do it anyway!
Genuine Interest in people
Communicate Love
Unsolicited Advice
Cooperation experiment
There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
How to Double your Happiness...
Those who cannot learn from the mistakes of others...
Be the kind of person you wish to be...
Resolutions for the New Year
A Gift that Gives Right Back?
Let's have no more war...
Actions as votes
If good people do nothing...
Focus on the 90% that is positive in your life...
Catch someone doing something right!
Honesty vs Competance
Heaven on Earth
Oxymandias Poem (about power and importance)
Do it now: Tomorrow never comes!
Be a friend to yourself!
Live for your resume?
Four Way Test
Don't kick the beehive
Self-interested thinking
Seek first to understand...
Every Day: Don't count the days, but...
Habit: We are what we repeatedly do.
Prepare and prevent...
Expanding Wave of Generosity
Virtue of Truth
Expectations Shape Reality
Magic is Everywhere
Better response: being nice when others are mean
Journey in the mind
A man convinced against his will...
A Rainbow begins with Rain
Happiness is a Journey
Multiple Right Answers

Archive: Here's a short video (1.4 minutes) that was created during the Covid pandemic, as a response to the anti-vaxination movement that arose at that time. It may not be so relevant to the post-pandemic world, but you may find it amusing regardless:

Video, Standard and High Definition versions
Cost of Ignorance (Covid Pandemic; November 2021) SD Video HD Video

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