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1. Set (or reset) the scope

Planning is an iterative process. You will repeat all 8 steps on an ongoing basis, further refining the plan each time. For part 1, "set (or reset) the scope", you will decide on who to include in your plan and set a time horizon for planning.

On the first iteration you might focus your attention on yourself and the upcoming months, with some consideration to other people. However, the greatest happiness comes from bigger achievements and from the vicarious joy of making other people happy. Therefore on subsequent iterations your plans will give greater consideration to more people in a widening circle (your family, your community, all of society) and expand the time horizon (a few years, your life, the legacy you leave beyond your life).

This is a very simple step. The simplest is just to take a minute to choose the scope in your mind, and then proceed to the next steps. However, the most effective planning occurs if you write down your plans. If you are using a planning app such as the Pathways Planner, this is the time to configure a plan to include the time-frame and people who you wish to include in this iteration.

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