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Wise Choices

"Wise choices" is a set of policies designed to spread happiness, in order to produce win-win situations that bring happiness to you and others.

When making choices, we can consider decisions in two categories:

Regardless of which category a decision falls in, it is useful to differentiate between wise decisions and those that have undesirable consequences. Sometimes in life people travel "bumpy roads" and they would have appreciated some useful guidance to lead them on a smoother path!

Over the generations of human progress, people have developed policies of behavior that are helpful to separate the wise decisions from the unwise. These are traditions that societies follow, but some of those traditions are in need of improvement! In this section of the Universal Ethics site, we present recommendations based on the best available research. Also included within each topic are hyperlinks to other web sites that have useful information.

Here's where to start:

Online Checklist! Your computer will play a game of "20 questions" to evaluate any given choice. Click the check mark to begin.
Wise Choices index: Information and resources about various topics. Click the box to begin.

These two resources are integrated. The checklist provides basic coverage with hyperlinks to many of the topics in the index. If you like a "answer the questions" method, you can start with the checklist and jump to a more detailed explanation whenever you want. Or, if you would rather skip the "question and answer" stuff and go straight to the topic of your choice, choose the index.

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